Looking Back

OCT 19, 2013 - NOV 1, 2013 Portraits and figures from the Cassady/McCourt collection. Common Sense is pleased to invite visual art enthusiasts from Edmonton and around the world to attend the opening reception for “Looking Back: Portraits and Figures from the Cassady McCourt Collection” from 2 – 4 pm on Saturday, October 19th. Featuring … Continue reading Looking Back


NOV 2, 2012 - NOV 24, 2012 Charles Grabinsky + Neil McClelland + Robert Dmytruk + Patrick Jacob + David Shkolny Common Sense happily announces the opening of “Conversations,” a group exhibition of pictures and sculptures by western Canadian artists Charles Grabinsky, Neil McClelland, Robert Dmytruk, Patrick Jacob, and David Shkolny. The five artists represented … Continue reading Conversations

Franklin Einspruch: How Deep My Pleasure

OCT 5, 2012 - OCT 27, 2012 Common Sense invites you to attend “How Deep My Pleasure,” a solo exhibition of recent paintings and drawings by Boston- based artist and art writer Franklin Einspruch. Einspruch’s work concentrates on the figure, which he depicts with an economical line and evocative hues using mixtures of watercolour, gouache, … Continue reading Franklin Einspruch: How Deep My Pleasure

Russell Bingham: Back Alleys and Side Streets

APR 27, 2012 - MAY 19, 2012 Common Sense is pleased to present Back Alleys and Side Streets – Finding Beauty in the Overlooked Urban Environment, a new solo exhibition by Russell Bingham, showcasing his alternate photographic views of Edmonton’s local landscape. “I suspect that most viewers will be struck by the ordinariness of my … Continue reading Russell Bingham: Back Alleys and Side Streets