Rob Willms: Soliloquy

MAR 12, 2011 – APR 30, 2011

“Soliloquy” is presented as a quiet aside to all the hawkers’ clamour for your vested attention. It is, at least in part, a vibrant whisper asserting that art be taken at face value. Keen, hard work has built into these sculptures my particular experience of things, though what each piece might have to say I’ll leave for you to discern. It takes two to monologue. — Rob Willms

“The artist, writer, composer, choreographer, director, performer invites the beholder to accept the judgment-decisions he has accepted for himself. He asks that these be intuited by others as positively, with as much satisfaction, as he himself has originally intuited them. He counts on the beholder’s, auditor’s, reader’s taste as he counts on his own…. …That is, letting esthetic intuition alone decide everything.” — Clement Greenberg, Homemade Esthetics.

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