Elaine Steinke: Of Mysteries

NOV 6, 2010 – DEC 17, 2010

Starting Saturday November 6, 2010, at 1:00 to 4:00 pm, Common Sense presents ‘Of Mysteries’ – An exhibition of photography by Elaine Steinke. “In ‘Of Mysteries’ I continue to explore, discover, create and build on the series of images from my prior solo show ‘Earth, Wind, Water, Fire’.

My medium is photography, but the materials that my images are made from are metal, paint, rust, and the touch of nature and her elements, and of man’s activities and tools. These are found materials, not created or set up by me for the purpose of capturing an image.
The materials have experienced weathering, growth, disintegration, movement, burning, scraping, human alteration, freezing, crushing. Photography, at a given point in time, captures and reveals in the image, what has been wrought. And as it is my photography, the images are strongly influenced by my love of nature, landscape, and the portrayal of change and time. For me, the images reveal and evoke landscapes, environments and worlds, inhabitants and lives, hidden and now discovered, but perhaps beyond our knowing, and times, not yet or long ago experienced, images ‘Of Mysteries’.
I am very pleased to share my images with you and to present ‘Of Mysteries’”
– Elaine Steinke

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