Rob Willms: Quench Thirster

SEPTEMBER 20 – NOVEMBER 20, 2020: Willms works in the Modernist assembled sculpture tradition begun by Julio González and Pablo Picasso, and continued by David SmithAnthony Caro, and Willms’ mentor, Peter Hide, using solid and sheet steel forms to create heavy, convoluted abstract sculptures. Art critic Piri Halasz has written, in reference to international contemporary sculpture, “As far as that goes, New York also has no equal to Hide, nor to such up-and-comers as Willms…“. Robert Willms himself has stated, “No declaration regarding my artwork will withstand scrutiny when compared against the work itself, and little that I say about myself can be surely trusted. Words lack. I am unable to adequately explain how it is that one sculpture looks better than another. Neither can I foretell how good the next one might be. I nevertheless aspire, beholden by the greatest examples of art, to the creation of my own good work – a life’s work that will last because it’s too good to toss out.

“Rob Willms Gives Breath to Iron”, Modern Luxuria. Magazine, November 2020.

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