Taya Ross: Spring Boards

MAR 23, 2012 – APR 14, 2012

Common Sense welcomes spring and opens the gallery’s much anticipated 2012 exhibition season with Spring Boards, a new solo exhibition of colourful collaged abstract paintings by Edmonton artist Taya Ross.

“This project is a series of recent work that brings together the style and techniques that I have been developing for over five years. By using abstraction, I aim to reinterpret the landscape through form and color.

My subject matter includes elements of the landscape: the land as well as built objects, and how these interact and change. The work is put together using a variety of methods in order to create interesting forms, textures and colors that work well together: unified in style and subject matter, but varied in size and material.”

Taya Ross is an artist born and based in the Edmonton, Alberta. Taya’s background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta in which she majored in Art and Design. Although she focused almost exclusively on painting, her minor was Anthropology, and it heavily influences her thinking about her artwork. Her work has been slowly evolving for several years and continues to grow in new directions.

“The work is done on either Plexiglas or masonite with acrylic paint. Some of the work includes collaged elements such as paper or fabric. I enjoy the pattern next to the opaque color as well as the plastic feel of the paint on the masonite next to the soft textured fabric.

My research consists of images and photos of the prairie landscape. I enjoy looking at satellite and aerial images as well. These help me gather ideas about form and composition. My forms are usually a combination of geometric and organic shapes, also like the landscape. This organic/geometric contrast is interesting to me. Pure form and color is what I am attracted to: I embrace the freedom artists have in our time to be original and I am drawn to abstraction and creative expression.”

Common Sense opens Spring Boards, a solo exhibition by Taya Ross, with a public reception on Friday, March 23, from 7 – 11 PM.

Admission is free, and the artist will be in attendance. The exhibition runs until Saturday, April 14, by appointment or by chance.

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